Beloved - a song from God


God spoke the words of the song "Beloved" to me on a Sunday after church. 

When I found myself alone after church and thought about the lunch I had brought with me in my lunch kit, I turned to God and "heard" Him say "Let's go to the park for lunch."  So I drove there and sat in the gazebo watching the squirrels while I ate my lunch.  Then I "heard" God say "Let's go to the car."  And when I was settled in the car, I "heard" Him say "Write for Me."  So I took my pencil in hand and wrote the words He spoke into my spirit that day:

"Think it not strange that I've brought you here now.  It's been a long, winding road.  You prayed for direction, you risked and you chose, then lived with the consequent load...." 

I was so excited!  He was giving me a song!  Complete rhyme scheme and melody all at once!  A song direct from His heart to mine!  When He was finished, I pulled my keyboard out of the back seat and situated it in the passenger seat with the seat back fully reclined and the keyboard perpendicular to me and played the melody I heard and sang the words along with the melody immediately!  Wow!

It is the best song on the CD, so it is first.  The reason it is the best song is because my grandson Austin is playing the guitar.  :-)  In fact, the first two songs feature my grandson playing guitar.  On "Beloved" he is playing the electric guitar I gave him for his birthday several years ago -- maybe his 12th birthday.  And on "Child, I Love You" he is playing his father's 12-string guitar, which I gave HIM on his birthday around the same age.  That makes the CD extra special to me. 

I remember the day Austin and I went to the studio to record the song.  He tuned the guitars and got ready and I could tell he wanted to say something.  Finally he came out with it:  "Grandma, I hear this song as a rock song."  I looked at him, I waited to hear from God, and I said, "Then do it!"  I'm glad we did. 

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