Understanding - a word from God



Wherever you are, I AM.

I will open your understanding to focus on and comprehend the Love that I AM.

At present, you look at Me as Love, and yourself as Not Love.  I AM changing your spiritual perception.  Only know that in the beginning, this will not feel right.  Nevertheless, you must keep yourself open to change, open to Me, open to love yourself.  This paves the way and opens you to Love.

Stay constantly aware of Me, always aware of My Presence.  Open yourself to Holy Spirit.  Do not use this time to judge and measure.  Use it to focus on and perceive Me in every situation.  I will lead you into Truth.  Hold everything up to My Word.  let My Spirit reveal Truth to you.  Withhold judgment and, instead, receive truth.  

I will sort it out for you.  Trust Me.  


Karen J Chisholm

Inspired by God December 18, 2016

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