Karen J Chisholm

My request of God is that someone will be walking down the sidewalk one day humming one of my songs and someone passing by will stop them and say, "What is that song?!!  I can't get the melody out of my head!!"

I feel I have been called by God to bring his voice to people through music, writing songs in many styles, and the effect is always fresh, even unexpected. I have been told many times that my voice "draws people in" when I sing.  Others have said, "her songs have a midwestern feel" and, "These are honest songs that people will identify with."  Regarding the CD I Delight in You, comments have been "It's great!" and "I love it!!!" and "I didn't know you could sing!  Well, I knew you could sing, but I didn't know you could SING!" 

I sing wherever God opens the door: bringing the words God has spoken to my heart and to the people He loves so dearly -- anyone who will stop to listen.  I have played prophetically and God has given me songs in the middle of a church service or concert to share with those present.  When I play and sing these songs, the music has been likened to "honey on a stick."


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Pianist, singer, songwriter Karen J Chisholm was born in Iowa, raised in Missouri, and got to Texas as soon as she could.  She has three sons and ten grandchildren. 

Karen is the Director of Music Ministries at a church in the Greater Houston Area.  She leads a group called Joyful Noise and Nickel Strings that performs in the area, bringing back many of the old, favorite hymns and Southern Gospel music to the delight of many local citizens.

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